Our 1:1 Journey: Using @FoldrHQ

Prior to embarking on our 1:1 digital technology journey, 15 enthusiastic members of staff formed a Digital Learning PLC at the start of 2014. During these sessions, we discussed the most effective ways to integrate digital technology in to lessons and researched case studies of other institutions to learn from their experiences. Armed with this grounding and a class set of brand new iPad Airs, the PLC started to experiment with the use of devices in their lessons!

As a group we quickly recognised the impact that digital technology had on learning when used effectively. During our discussions as a PLC, we looked to share not only what we were doing in lessons that worked well, but also some of the barriers we were facing. It was clear that this journey was not going to be plain sailing! Just some of the questions raised included:

– How do we ensure we are consistent in our approach?
– Will our wireless network cope with the demand?
– And perhaps the most important question, what do pupils do with their work?

The problem of gathering work was causing us a major headache! Digital devices were being used to create new, innovative pieces of work that were previously impossible, yet this was stuck on a class set of iPads and there was no way of guaranteeing that learners would get the same device next lesson or that the work hadn’t been removed between lessons. It was such a waste! We tried many different solutions to the problem: emailing work was laborious, cloud storage services were restricted by the network and using AirDrop was too time consuming and unreliable when faced with a class of 30 learners. Surely there’s an easier way?

It turns out there is: Foldr! We were introduced to Foldr by our commercial partners and it was exactly what we needed. Our school was already well stocked with ICT hardware and had a robust network and now staff and students could access all of this from their iPad!

The integration was seamless. Pupils are now able to save anything they produce on their digital devices to their account on the school network and vice versa. This also means that large files can be stored on our network rather than devices, freeing up vital storage space. In addition staff were extremely grateful as they can now access all of their high quality resources that they had collated, right from their iPad. More recently, we have added functionality to enable both staff and students to access their school network files anywhere, anytime either through the free iOS or Android app, or through a dedicated website on their desktop/laptop!

Although we’re still only at the start of our digital journey, we highly recommend Foldr. As a result, we have selected it as one of our 10 core educational apps which form a vital part of our everyday digital toolkit!

Image credit: Minnow IT


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