FAQ: Printing from your Device

Welcome to our first post in our FAQ Series: this is where we will be addressing requests made by staff, students or parents to aid the rollout of mobile technology at St. Joseph’s RC High School. Our first post is dedicated to answering a fundamental question asked by both staff and students, “how do we print stuff from our devices?“.

Devices are being used more in lessons and learners are producing their own content. In the first two weeks alone, students have been creating a digital portfolio in Technology, producing advertisements using iMovie in Geography, annotating texts on iBooks in English, and using PuppetPals to practice conversational skills in both MFL and Welsh. One of our core apps, Showbie, means that learners can share these creations with teachers, effectively creating a paperless classroom. However there are occasions where work may need to be submitted as a printed hard copy.

Currently, we do not have any wireless or AirPrint-enabled printers in school to serve this purpose. However our team of Digital Leaders have come up with a solution which involves using another of our core apps, Foldr, and our existing network of ICT equipment.

We have produced an eBook which explains how to print from your digital device, which can be downloaded below. It is recommended that both staff and students download this guide to their device and store it as a point of reference.


Download our eBook – FAQ: Printing from your Device – here:

ePub – can be opened by iBooks and may contain multimedia and interactive sections.

PDF – can be opened by any PDF reader. Ideal if you wish to to print content, however multimedia and interactive content will not function.


Our uploads are hosted by Dropbox: an online cloud-based storage service. If you do not already have a Dropbox account, you can set one up for free with 2gb of the cloud storage here. By following the link to set up your account you will also be supporting us as we will earn an extra 500mb of free storage for every referral, meaning we can host more content for longer! You’ll also get an additional 500mb of storage once you install the Dropbox app.


NB: if you see a “No Preview Available” message like the one above when downloading the file in ePub format, there is nothing to worry about. The reason Dropbox gives this message is because it cannot display an ePub file within the app (unlike PDFs or images, for example, which will be previewed in-app). Simply tap the export icon and open in iBooks.

Our aim is to regularly review this guide to ensure it is up to date, as well as produce other guides like this based on questions received by staff, students and parents. If you have discovered anything which is not mentioned, you have any feedback or you have a request for something you would like us to address in the future, you can do so by leaving a comment below, by Tweeting us: @iSJHS or by completing the form on our contact page.


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