News: visit the Genius Bar for help enrolling your device

As mentioned in a previous post, our network managers have been conducting essential network maintenance over the Christmas Holiday period to improve our wireless network. As part of this, all devices linked to both staff and students had to be re-enrolled using AirWatch to ensure they will be able to access the network when we return to school.

Overall the scheme has been successful with many staff and students re-enrolling their device during the designated window.

To ensure that everybody is enrolled as quickly as possible, Digital Leaders @ SJHS will be at the Genius Bar throughout the day on Monday 4th January 2016 to assist any staff or students that have not been able to enrol their device using AirWatch over the holiday period. Students have been allocated the following times to visit the Genius Bar, if they need help enrolling their device:

9:00-9:30 – 9JOSE

9:30-10:00- 9PHTV

10:00-10:30- 8JOSE

10:30-11:00- 8PHTV

11:20-11:50- 10JOSE

11:50-12:20 – 10PHTV

12:20-12:50 – 11JOSE

12:50-13:20 – 11PHTV

14:20-14:50 – 7JOSE

14:50-15:20 – 7PHTV

  • Members of staff and 6 form students can also visit throughout the day to receive any assistance they may need.

All teaching staff have been made aware of the times and will grant students permission to leave class to visit the Genius Bar at the allotted time. It is essential that students only attend at the time stated.

If you do not have your device with you on Monday 4th January 2016, the Genius Bar will be open at break times throughout the week where Digital Leaders will be available to assist you.


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